RiskCheck™ provides B2B Credit & Collection Managers with fast, real-time collections management and reporting designed to increase collections cash flow while providing an added layer of protection against known credit risks.

RiskCheck™ empowers your business with comprehensive credit and collections support:

      • Robust, full-featured web-based collections management:

        • Date & time-stamped collection notes

        • Customized, on-demand collection letters

        • Instant SMS messaging keeps you connected with your customers anywhere they are

        • Electronic document attachment & more

      • Instant RiskCheck™ query against over 1 million known & recently-reported high-risk companies

      • Heads-up WARNING on companies demonstrating poor creditor compliance

      • Instantly report delinquent customers nationally to limit and prohibit undeserved credit opportunities

      • Motivate good customers to stay current and maintain their good credit standing

      • Discipline habitual slow-pays to positive action and create better customers

      • Dynamic, nationwide network to reduce bad debt & fraud

Your company’s RiskCheck™ membership is FREE. Unlimited RiskCheck™ queries are also FREE. Your company pays only a small 5% success fee on payments actually recovered from your RiskCheck™ managed past-due customers. Click here to sign up today.